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FAQ online store

Do you also deliver orders on Monday?

We also deliver on Mondays. An order which is placed Saturday after 16:00 (4 PM) will be delivered the Tuesday after (provided that the products are in stock).

Attention: in January and February the delivery times can differ.

Can I also let my order send abroad?

It is possible for us to send packages abroad. See this page for more information about shipping rates. Would you like us to send an order to a country which is not mentioned on the page? Contact our customer service in this case to discuss the possibilities and to receive an indication of the shipping rate.

Can I use multiple discount codes for the same order?

We allow for one discount code per order. It is not possible to combine multiple discount codes for the same order.

What are the costs for returning my order?

When you choose to return an order, you will be responsible for the cost of returning the product(s) to us. When you bring the package to the post office, they will charge you €6.95 for returning the package to us. In case you have received the wrong product or a damaged product, we urge you to contact our customer service. We will send you a business reply number.

Where can I fill in my discount code?

You can fill in your discount code in the shopping cart during the checkout process. In the shopping cart you will find the text ‘Kortingscode’ under the summary of the products. When you click on this, an additional field will appear where you can fill in your discount code.

I chose to pay using Afterpay and would like to return a product. What is the procedure?

Of course, it can happen that you would like to return a product. This is also no problem when you have chosen Afterpay as payment option. In case you would like to return all the products of the order, the previous invoice will be cancelled. In case you would like to return only part of the order, the invoice will be altered to this. You will receive a new invoice from Afterpay with the remaining amount of money.

When can I expect my order?

When you have ordered a product in stock on a workday before 17:00 (5 PM), PostNL will deliver it to you the next day. You can find the stock status at the product page. In case the product is in stock, you will receive a Track & Trace Code the same day. With this code, you can see where your package is in the process. You will receive an email from us when the products are no longer in stock. In this email you can find the estimated delivery time of the ordered products. We will send your order when this is complete. You will also receive a Track & Trace Code to follow your order.

I am unable to bring my return package to a post office. Can it be picked up at my home?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to let a package picked up at your house. Maybe you can ask a friend or family member to bring it to the post office for you.

I was not home when my package was being delivered. Where is it now?

First, check if there is a note in your mailbox. If this is the case, the package got delivered at your neighbour’s. If this is not the case, the package has been delivered to the nearest PostNL pick up point. Usually, you can pick up your package the next day. You have a week to pick up the package (pay attention to the opening hours of the pick-up point location). After a week, the package will be returned to us.

I was not at home when my cargo package was being delivered. What should I do now?

This package is too large to be brought to a PostNL pick up point. The package will be returned to our store. When we have received the package, we will contact you to arrange a second delivery.

Which delivery service will deliver my package?

Our partners are PostNL and GLS. Most of the packages are delivered by PostNL. A small number of products cannot be delivered by PostNL because of their size and weight. Those packages are delivered by GLS.

My order is delivered on a pallet. What should I do with the pallet?

The pallet that comes with the order is a so-called “disposable pallet”. So, you can dispose of it yourself. You can do this by sawing the pallet in smaller bits to dispose using the grey waste container. However, you can also use the pallet to create something beautiful out of it. You can also use the pallet as firewood.

Why does the product that I would like to order have a shipping rate of €35?

Likely your order consists of a large package with an exceptional size. This makes the package more difficult to process. Therefore, increased shipping costs are incurred.

I have not yet received a Track & Trace Code. When will I receive one? 

As soon as your package is ready for delivery, you will receive a PostNL Track & Trace Code. In case this takes longer than expected we recommend you to check your “spam email”. Please contact our customer service in case you have not received an email in both your inbox and spam folder.

The date of delivery for my package changes every day, what is happening? 

If the date of delivery keeps changing, it means that PostNL has not yet processed the package. Do not hesitate to contact our customer service when this takes a long time. They can look into it and find out what is going on with the order. 

I have received two Track & Trace Codes. What does this mean for my order? 

This means that your order was too large or too heavy for one package. Therefore, your package has been split into two packages. You will receive these packages at almost the same delivery time.   

How can I speed up the return process?

The two major factors that determine the duration of the returning process are 1) how busy we are in the store, and 2) the information you attached with the return. Returns with a complete return form are processed a lot faster because we have all the information we need.

When do I receive a confirmation that you have received my return?

You will receive a confirmation as soon as we have initiated the processing of your order. The time that it will take to send the confirmation depends on how busy our employees are.

My order is delivered in a package of a different brand/product. Is this okay?

Yes, it certainly is! At Kampeerwereld Hendriks we take responsibility for the environment. That is why we have decided to reuse many of the packaging we first receive our products in. 

What approaches do you use to reuse materials? 

We try to reuse as many cardboard and plastics as possible by using it as filling material. Furthermore, we reuse the boxes where the products arrive in at our store. The pallets are also reused.  

You say you reuse a lot of materials, however I have received my products in a package with plastic bags which look very new.  

It is indeed possible that you receive your package like that. We have to determine if it is possible to reuse materials, and when this is not sensible. For example, sometimes we cannot reuse the cardboard because of the dust it scatters. This dust can damage the product. Then we choose to use new packaging material. It goes without saying that we reuse as much as possible. 

Can I create an account without placing an order?

No, it is only possible to create an account when you are placing an order. 

I would like to register a return, however I have no longer access to the email address I used to place the order. 

Please contact the customer service in this case. They are happy to help you with this. 

I would like to delete my account, is this possible? 

Yes, this is possible. First, you sign in on your account on our website. Under the heading “wachtwoord aanpassen” you can see the text “verwijder mijn gegevens”. When you click on this text you can choose to delete your entire account. ATTENTION This also includes your order details. 

Are dogs allowed in the store?

Yes, you can bring all your family members to the store. Some rules apply when you bring your dog: the dog cannot walk freely in the store. They can come with in the shopping cart. To make this comfortable for your dog, you can ask for a special blanket at the information desk. In addition, we also have a comfortable dog bed waiting at the front of our store where your dog can wait (leashed) while you find your products in the store. It is also allowed to carry your dog during your visit. Of course, the above does not apply to assistance dogs or assistance dogs in training.

Is the store also accessible for the disabled?

The store is also accessible for the disabled. We have a runway, but you can also choose to use the lift. In addition, we have wheelchairs available in the front of the store in case you experience difficulties walking.

Do you also accept VVV gift vouchers?

Unfortunately, It is not possible to use the VVV gift vouchers.

Can I return my order in the store?

Of course, you can return your order in the store. Come to the store in Ermelo, and we will look into a solution for you. Did something go wrong with your order, did you receive the wrong product or is the product damaged? In case you cannot come to the store in Ermelo, you are urged to contact the customer service. We will send you a business reply number.

What are the opening hours?

We maintain different opening hours per season. Take a look at our opening hours.

Can I use a VVV gift voucher as a payment option to pay online? 

Unfortunately, this is not possible. However, you can pay with the paper version of the VVV gift voucher in our retail store. 

I would like to pay for my order after receiving it. Is this possible? 

Yes, it is possible to choose for Afterpay when making your choice of payment. When you choose this option, a payment link will be sent to you via email. You have 14 days to pay for the order or to notify our team that you will return a product/products. 

I paid using Afterpay and would like to return one of the products I ordered.  

In case you would like to return a part of your order, you can notify us about this. As soon as we have received your package and processed it, Afterpay will abstract the concerned amount of money from the invoice. 

I have returned my product claiming product guarantee, how long does it take to process my request? 

We will process your request as soon as possible. In some cases, the product needs to be sent to the supplier because they have to evaluate the product. This can take a while. If you have not heard from us after two weeks, we advise you to contact our customer service so they can check it for you. 

I have left my product for repairing at the retail store. How long will it take until I can pick it up again? 

This depends on how busy it is in the store and on the employee occupation rate. It depends on the expertise of the employee which products he/she is able to repair. If you have not heard from us after two weeks, we recommend you to contact our customer service so they can check it for you. 

My product has been repaired, but I am not able to pick it up. Can you send it to me? 

Yes, this is possible. If you did not indicate this when leaving the product for repairing, please contact the customer service. They will ask you which repair it concerns and for proof that the product is yours. Customer service will then make sure that the package is send to you. 

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