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Gas cannister (exchange)

A gas cannister is a must-have when you go camping. Gas has so many uses: from cooking dinner, to lighting the gas lamp to play a game or reading a book. Also, gas is indispensable for the heating in your caravan, the barbecue, heater or skottelbraai. When you find yourself with an empty gas cannister, you can come to Kampeerwereld Hendriks to exchange it for a full cannister. We do not refill the cannister you bring, but exchange the empty one for a full one. You will find different gas cannisters in our product range, so you can be certain to find the cannister you need. 

In the retail store, we have dedicated the far-left corner of the ground floor for safe gas cannister exchange. You can enter the store with your empty cannister to exchange it for a full one. In case no employee is present, you can press the bell. 

Assortment gas cannisters  
We sell a lot of different types of gas cannisters. Brands include Campingaz, BP/Benegas Light, German cannisters, Primagaz, and Shell cannisters.

A Campingaz cannister has the advantage that you can exchange it everywhere in the world. The biggest disadvantage is that the filling is relatively expensive. You buy a Campingaz cannister. This means that you do not receive a deposit for the cannister when you hand it in. We sell types 901, 904, and 907 gas cannisters of Campingaz. Further, you can find disposable cannisters and gas cartouches from Campingaz in our assortment. Lastly, we also sell Easy Blue gas cannisters (also known as “blue cannister”).

Gas cannister (exchange)

We have two gas cannisters from Primagaz which come with a deposit. These are the steel cannister of 10.5 kilos and the Easy Blue XL cannister of 9.5 kilos. In order to receive the deposit, you must not forget to bring the receipt when handing in the grey, steel cannister of Primagaz, Shell or Antargaz. We recommend to make a copy of the receipt when purchasing the cannister. Only for the 10.5 kilos blue cannister you do not need the receipt to receive the deposit. The terms for deposit are determined by Primagaz.

The Benegas cannister is a lightweight cannister, and is available in 5, 7.5, or 10 kilos. You will receive the deposit from Benegas by means of a certificate. We fill in this certificate when you hand in the lightweight BP/Benegas. You can then send this certificate to Benegas. Consequently, they refund the deposit. ATTENTION when purchasing a lightweight cannister from Benegas, it is important to register the product at Benegas. The cannister can also be handed in at a BP/Benegas dealer.  

Gas cannister (exchange)

The most well-known cannister is the German or green cannister. This cannister is approved for 10 years. It is important to pay attention to this when exchanging the cannister. You can find the year of making in the neck of the cannister. Does it say, for example, 14? This means that the cannister was made in 2014. Now you know that the cannister is approved until 2024. When exchanging the cannister, we try to return cannisters of the same year. 

It can occur that there is no cannister in stock with the same year of making. If this is the case, you will receive a German cannister which is older or younger. This is where the approval years come in. In case the cannister you receive is older, you recover the approval years. In case the cannister is younger, you pay for the approval years. Next to the approval years you need to pay for the filling of the cannister. 

It can also occur that the cannister is “expired”. This means that the cannister is older than 10 years. You can leave this cannister at our store without any additional costs. 

Gas cannister (exchange)
  • We do not fill cannisters (but exchange them for full ones). When you decide to let your cannister filled, do this at a licensed filling station. When you do this by yourself, you have the risk to over-fill the cannister. This can cause life-threatening situations and the cannister can even explode because of the pressure.  
  • Except for Campingaz cannisters, cannisters cannot be exchanged abroad. Cannisters purchased abroad cannot be exchanged in the Netherlands, and vice versa. Therefore, it is important to be well prepared before going on vacation.  
  • Next to gas cannisters, our assortment also includes other fuels such as Qlima’s clean and purified petroleum for heaters. Also, you can find Coleman Fuel which you can use for stoves (such as the Coleman Stove) 

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