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Product guarantee & complaints

Kampeerwereld is happy to help you

Is a product failing to live up to your expectations? Is it too big, too small, or the wrong colour maybe? In that case kampeerwereld.nl is happy to help.

Product guarantee
The standard product guarantee period is one year. However, when the product information (for example the user manual) states a different product guarantee period, this period applies. Product guarantee conditions are determined by the supplier of the respective product.  

If the product is not to your liking, you are welcome to bring the product back to the store or to make a request for return at our customer service and to return it to the store. In case you're choosing to bring the product back to the store, we would like to remind you to bring your prove of purchase. Only with a prove of purchase you can claim product guarantee. Have you lost your prove of purchase? In that case a bank statement also suffices.  

When you choose to return the product from home to the store, you can send an email to info@kampeerwereld.nl to request a guarantee form. Afterwards, you can send the product together with the guarantee form to the store. Once the article is received, the case will be taken into further consideration.  

We do our utmost best to find an appropriate solution. Examples include repairing the product or replacing the product.

A complaint will be taken into consideration when this is not caused by:

  • Deliberate damage or damage due to negligence 
  • Maintenance negligence 
  • Wear and tear from (normal) product use 
  • Damage caused by inaccurate observance of the product user manual 

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